Multiple Streams of Income, Part 1: Why You Need Them

Welcome back!  Today we are going to cover a very hot topic – multiple streams of income. Not quite sure what that is?  No worries, we are going to dive deep into this today. A traditional home will have one or two people working one job with each bringing in money...

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Hello, my name is Tammy and I’m the author/owner of CRAZY MONEY MOM.  Learning how to get rid of debt and make more money changed my life.  It allowed me to pay off $65,000 in just 17 months. Side hustles and passive income streams gave me the chance to be a stay at home mom and still make money.  My desire is to help others change their life by eliminating debt, creating multiple income streams, and working on their own terms.  Let’s design a life for YOU that has no limits!

What is a Budget and Why You Need One!

When most people hear the word budget they automatically view it in a negative light. For many, this concept of living with “boundaries” will prevent them from having fun or living life on their terms.  Here is a short list of reasons people tend to avoid doing a...

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Where Did My Money Go? Eight Areas You Are Wasting Money.

Even though many work very hard for their money, it seems most still struggle to cover emergencies, fund retirement and keep the basics of home ownership going. Recent studies show that 76 million (one fourth) Americans are struggling financially or are just barely...

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Money. Are You Average or Better?

When I research statistics on money and how we as a culture are doing it shocks me! As a general rule, we are spending too much and not saving nearly enough. When asked if they lived paycheck to paycheck, a whopping 78% said they do and over 70% said that debt is the...

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Seven Steps to KILL EVERY Excuse You Have!

Why do we make excuses for everything in our lives? I have done it and you have too. We are drowning in debt but our excuse for not getting a side hustle is, “I don’t have time.”  We hate our job and have a dream of what we would love to do with our lives but our...

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Side Hustles That Work. Start Making Money TODAY!

If you don’t have a side stream of income I challenge you to consider getting something going. Think about it, you really don’t know what the future holds. Anything could happen to your job at any moment. Or worst, your health, which could jeopardize your job. Let’s...

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8 Things I Have Actually Done to Make Money From Home

If you are reading this post I have a feeling you are sick and tired of your job or are in need of extra money coming in.  You might even be desperate!  Regardless of your situation, I want to offer you hope.  There are options that truly could change your situation...

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What’s Your Side Hustle?

Would you be interested in sharing your money making story?  If you are making money from home/online and are willing to share what you do, how you got started and any tid-bits for others who are looking to start their own side gig email me at or contact me here.  If your story is a fit for what our readers enjoy I would love to consider featuring your on this site.