If you don’t have a side stream of income I challenge you to consider getting something going.

Think about it, you really don’t know what the future holds. Anything could happen to your job at any moment. Or worst, your health, which could jeopardize your job.

Let’s start with a quick short list. There are many other options out there but this will get your brain going.

Please keep in mind these might take a little more time than “quick money ideas.” However, these side hustle ideas could eventually turn into a larger sum of money that pays for your mortgage or better yet, allows you to fire your boss.

1.  Start a Blog!  A blog is a great way to share with the world about a topic you know something about. You don’t need a Ph.D. or have written a huge best seller to share your ideas and thoughts. All you need is to know a little bit more than your readers about a specific topic.

2.  Offer Your Services on Fiverr: Never heard of Fiverr? It is a website that offers its user’s services that they don’t want to do themselves. Fiverr offers everything from Graphic Design, Writing and Translation, Digital Marketing, Video and Animation, Business, and Music and Audio. They even have a fun and lifestyle section that includes lessons (on anything), arts and crafts, relationship advice and MUCH more.
I have personally used Fiverr several times for things I needed done and have been very pleased with the results.

Many who work with Fiverr charge $5 for a basic service. This would be a very simple job. However, most also have larger options available that run anywhere from $15 up to over $100.

Click here to browse the types of services that are being offered. You might be surprised what YOU could offer as a service for others who are willing to pay.

3.  Drive for Uber or Lyft: This is a great way to make money around an already busy schedule. You will need your own car, a clean driving record and be eligible to work where you live. You can drive whenever you want.

It is great for those who need a flexible schedule. So, if you already have a full time job and you need extra money for something, this is your answer.

The good thing about being a driver for one of these companies is you don’t need a skill. If you can drive you are almost eligible.

4.  Sell Stuff on Etsy: If you have a creative flair this is the place for you! You can sell everything from creative t-shirts to jewelry and toys. You can start your own store and then advertise your new store on any and all social media outlets to let your friends and family know you are in business.

Create from home on your schedule and list your items! It is that easy!

Click here to read more about getting started on Etsy.

5.  Start an errand service: This would be an easy start up side hustle. It would be fantastic for a stay at home mom or a college student. You might not get rich, but it would bring money in that you didn’t have otherwise. You would need transportation and need to be organized. It would also be a very flexible way to work around kid’s schedules and events you don’t want to miss.

There are many services you could offer including picking up prescriptions for the elderly, picking up dry cleaning, taking dogs to and from grooming appointments, taking care of oil changes for people, and the list could go on and on. Be creative on this and set up a fee schedule that is easy to understand and fair to you and to the customer.

6.  Dog walking and Dog Sitting: This would not be a fit for everyone but for those who love animals this would be an easy way to bring in side income. Work out the parameters of how this is going to work for where you live and what you offer.

Questions you need to be able to answer:
1. Do you just do walking or will you also offer dog sitting as well?
2. Will you dog sit in your home? Or do you prefer to come to your customer’s home and let the dogs out and check on them 1 to 3 times a day.
3. What are your fees? Do you offer weekly discounts or do you charge by the day?

I recommend starting out in your nearby neighborhoods with flyers and word of mouth. My daughter will be starting this as a side gig this summer as she is saving for her first car. I will send out an update with her progress.

Something to think on…
The main thing to remember is to just get something going! Side hustles can take care of groceries or something as big as your mortgage. It can also be a way that you pay debt quicker. Long term, side gigs are a way for you to fire your boss and work either from home or on your own terms.