10 Reasons You Should Start a BlogI know you are curious about blogging.  You have read about the potential.

I also know there is a desire deep down inside of you to make a difference in the world.

Furthermore, extra cash on the side is always nice too. You have something you want to say and all you need is a little direction at how to start and where to go from there.

So, why are you riding the fence?  What are you waiting on?

Looks like you need a little nudge towards changing your life.

So, let’s see if I can inspire you to look beyond what today is like and what tomorrow could be!

The TEN BEST Reasons You Should Start a Blog:

  1.  You aren’t happy with your current set of circumstances.

If you were genuinely happy with your current job or work situation you might not even be reading this.  I have a feeling that you would like to make a change for the better and learn to make money from home.

Starting a blog is a way for you to create something “uniquely you” on the web that has the ability to not only change others lives but also to earn money at the same time.   It can be simple or elaborate and you can build it fast or slow.  All of those decisions are up to YOU and not your boss.

There are really no rules so you get to create and design that life you have always wanted. Blogging is a way to not only let go of your day job but becomes the starting point of changing your life!

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  1. You have a GIFT!

I have a feeling that you are really good at something.  It is not anything out of this world amazing or rock star earth shattering but it is something that comes naturally to you.  This list could be much longer but I opted for just listing a few that might get your brain to thinking.

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning tips
  • Budgeting ideas
  • Outdoor family time
  • All things toddlers
  • Research of any kind
  • Working with the elderly
  • Life hacks
  • Budget travel

Whatever it is that you have a little bit of insight on needs to be your starting point.  People will not only follow you on the web but in time, once they get to know, like and trust you, they will purchase what you recommend and will buy your products or services. Never underestimate the gifts you have to offer the world.  We all have strengths and need to share that with others!

  1. You have a DREAM!

Deep down I know you want to own your own business and work on your terms. You aren’t lazy!  Your desire is to work and earn a days’ wage but you want to do it around what is important to you.  Family first and other things secondary.  I bet you are tired of making money to pad someone else’s pocket.

The great news is your dream is perfect for this day and age we are living in!  Thirty or 40 years ago the internet wasn’t around and could not offer what it is handing you now.  There is no excuse to not go after your dreams like a cheetah running after his dinner!  Whatever your dream – go do it!

The only thing standing in your way are the voices in your head and any excuses you are creating.

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4.  Time is passing you by!

If you change nothing in your life over the next 12 months where will you be?

Yep!  The exact same place you are currently in.  What on earth are you waiting for?  Time will pass and you will be older, still unhappy, and dreaming of what you should-have, could-have, or would-have done.

Time is either your very best friend offering you the next 1, 5 or 10 years to create massive change in your life!  OR time is the enemy that you waste day by day and year by year. You get to decide what to do with your time.

My suggestion, don’t think too long on starting a blog.  You could easily talk yourself out of it.  If there is an interest in blogging then it is time to take the leap!

5.  You can make a difference

I would be pretty close to being right if I said that most people really do want to make a difference in the world.  Maybe like me, you really don’t care much about fame, but you desire to help others do what they have always dreamed of doing. Blogging is a way for you to not only create change in your own life but also show others the way to do it for themselves.

Life is challenging and we all need help and direction in certain areas.  You can be that person with that blog that changes others’ lives just by sharing what you already know!

6.  You can learn as much as you contribute.

I am amazed at what I have learned since starting my blog.

If I had waited until I knew “everything” there was to know about blogging I would still be sitting on my computer doing research.

You will never know everything about blogging!  Get going on your chosen topic and learn as you go. My best suggestion is to start by picking what your blog is going to be about.

Once you have that topic idea, click here to actually choose your domain (your website name) and hosting.  The actual set up of blogging is fairly simple and fast to do.  Once that is done now you can start the process of learning everything there is to know about your topic, your niche, building your brand and learning even more about the posts and content you want to create.

I have decided that learning as you go is half of the fun!  You start out with an idea of what you want to create.  However, as you move forward and learn new things your sphere of knowledge not only on your blog topic, but also the blogging world increases.  As you gain knowledge you get better and more efficient at what you are doing.  This leads to better content and a fantastic blogging experience for you and your readers.

7.  You can run into new and unexpected business opportunities.

Initially, blogging starts out as just that.  A way for you to share your strengths and ideas with friends, family, and the world.  However, over a period of time that could span months or even years, you will develop friendships and connections that could very well lead you to other opportunities.

Different business ventures, partnerships and start-ups that you never expected or would have run across without starting a blog.  Blogging has a way of bringing people into your world that you would have never met otherwise.

Give blogging a chance for just 12 months and see how it changes your life!

8.  You will gain new confidence.

Starting a blog can be overwhelming and might make you feel intimidated. That is perfectly normal!  Getting your blog started with a good looking theme and 8 or 10 blog posts will do a world of good for your confidence level.

The first time you sit back and see what you have accomplished it will blow your mind how great you feel about your decision to just start!  You certainly won’t regret it!

As time goes by, you get faster with posts, learn new things and start making money!  Those milestones give you a sense of accomplishment and grows your confidence in a whole new way.

9.  Blogging will often times change your life.

Anything you do in life for a period of time has a way of making an impression on you. Blogging is no different.  It is a way for you to share with the world something you LOVE and enjoy.  There is no one to tell you that you cannot do it this way or that way.  YOU get to make all pertinent decisions and tell yourself what to do each day.  That’s a big jump from a boss sitting on your shoulder every minute.

10.  Make Money Actively AND Passively!

The great thing about blogging is it can become a way you earn a living.  It takes time and effort but I know you aren’t lazy and are looking for a way to fire your boss.

Here are just a few ways to make money from your blog:

  • You can add affiliate links and promote other people’s products in order to earn commission.
  • You can allow companies to advertise on your site for a monthly fee.
  • You can write eBooks and digital courses that will can be sold right from your blog.
  • There are many other ways your blog can make money in an active role but even more importantly, in a passive role!

So, there you have it!   The whole world is waiting for what you have to offer!  The process of starting a blog is super easy and fast to set up. Writing posts is just sharing your thoughts and strengths with others.  It is a basic conversation.  You CAN do this – so get moving!

After reading this post, do you think you are ready?  Woo hoo!!  Click here to gain access to my special link and get your blog started in 15 minutes or less.

One last thing – if you started a blog today from my link, will you shoot me a quick email?  I would love to hear from you and cheer you on!  tammy@crazymoneymom.com

In your corner!  🙂