9 Tailwind Tribes to Explode Your Pinterest TrafficWelcome back!  I have a treat for you today.  I have decided to share the Tailwind tribes that have taken my Pinterest account from nothing – to around 500,000 viewers each and every month!

To be honest, it wasn’t hard.  Now, it takes time and focused effort – but not hard at all!

Hard is going to a job you HATE every day!  Hard is working for a boss who doesn’t appreciate you and won’t acknowledge your effort.  Hard is dropping your kids off at daycare when you’d rather be a stay at home mom. Hard is leaving during the summer to go to work when your kids are home by themselves.

So, hard is relative and honestly, I would rather do the work of blogging than any of the other “hard” stuff I mentioned.

Now – if you haven’t started your blog yet you need to check out this post…
How to Start a Mom Blog and What to Blog About THIS YEAR! 

Next, you’ll need to have a Pinterest account set up before Tailwind can actually pin for you.  Serious bloggers need to set up a Pinterest Business Account (no worries, it’s free!) and then set it up for “rich pins.”

Dont fear failure. Fear being in the exact place one year from now.Both of these elements will set you up for great success on this platform!  Rich pins provide more content because they show more information directly on the pin itself!  In short – you need a business account with Pinterest and rich pins! Click the links above in order to set each up.  These are not affiliate links – but I truly believe in this platform and how it will help you build your online business.

Okay, let get moving…

First off, if you aren’t using Tailwind – what on earth are you waiting for?  Speaking truthfully, Pinterest and Tailwind have generated more traffic to my site than ANYTHING else!  Click here to get started with Tailwind and to pin your first 100 pins for FREE!

Second off, Tailwind makes your life SO much easier. You can pre-schedule all of your pins to publish to Pinterest whenever you choose – saving you gobs of time. It’s like having a personal assistant who works morning, noon and night!

If you haven’t taken the plunge with Tailwind just yet – you can do that here. With this link you’ll get your first 100 pins scheduled for FREE!

Now, let’s get to the tribes that I like the most!  I am a part of 22 tribes and plan to expand that in the next few weeks by about double.

Some tribes are open and allow you to join automatically.  With others, you’ll need to ask to join.  Both types will be listed below and I have included links for joining each.

Here are my top 10 favorites!  Keep in mind – these tribes have taken my Pinterest account from ZERO to almost 600,000 monthly viewers at the date this post was written.  My followers are still lower than I’d like but I am actively working on that with several other options that I think will bring that number up.  Take a look below at my monthly viewers!  Not bad for about 6 months!

How I grew my pinterest account from zero to over 500,000 monthy viewers

Here are the tribes you’ll want to check out…

1. Pin Your Blogs

  • All pin types from every genre: beauty, blogging, lifestyle, personal, fashion, etc…
  • Pins must be vertical
  • For every pin you add, re-pin one pin from someone else in the tribe.

Click here to join Pin Your Blogs 

2. Caffeinate and Conquer I  Grow Your Blog

  • Bloggers from all niche’s are welcome here
  • You can post up to 20 pins per week
  • For every personal pin you share, you’ll need to share someone else’s pin

Click here to join Caffeinate and Conquer

3. Bloggers Chalkboard

  • Only quality blogging pins for this tribe (social media, monetization, list building, etc)
  • No beauty, babies or healthy recipes here
  • No duplicate pins
  • Add 5 pins per day
  • Share at least one for each pin you add to the group

Click here to go to the “Find a Tribe” page where you can request to join.

How to Start a Blog and What to Blog About4. Bloggers Killing it on Pinterest I The Art of Better
Note: I have received the MOST activity from this tribe!  

  • You can share any and all content here!
  • Join if you are using quality photography, vertical pins, clear wording and a well designed image
  • Share one for every one you pin to the tribe
  • This is a monitored group and anyone not following the rules will be removed without warning

Click here to join Bloggers Killing it on Pinterest

5. Mom Blogs

  • All topics of interest to moms:  Blogging, making money from home, parenting, pregnancy – everything moms!
  • Share one for every one you pin to the tribe

Click here to go to the “Find a Tribe” page where you can request to join.

6. Chic Sisters

  • Pin any topic in this tribe
  • The main rule for this tribe is you MUST be active every 30 days within the tribe or you’ll be kicked out.
  • If you are inactive for 30 days, you’ll be removed from the tribe

Click here to go the “Find a Tribe” page where you can request to join.

How on earth do blogs make money7. All Topics Share Group:  Actionable Blogging

  • Share any of your posts and content in this tribe
  • Share one for each you pin to the tribe
  • Also a Facebook group you can become a part of!

Click here to go to the “Find a Tribe” page where you can request to join.

8. Her Paper Route Blogging Hive

  • A tribe devoted to all topics
  • Share TWO for every pin you add to the tribe

Click here to join Her Paper Route

9. Mompreneur Network:  Moms Making Money

Welcome to MY tribe!  It is brand new but I would love for you to join!  I have purposely waiting to start my own so I could really learn Tailwind and Pinterest.  After 7 months of learning, I am ready to build my own tribe and grow my business with other “like minded” moms!

  • No adult content (images or content)
  • Please do not add the same pin more than one time
  • No affiliate pins
  • No sales page pins
  • Pin all things moms – blogging, side business, recipes, kids, family, travel

In order to join head over to Pinterest and follow me – you can do that here.  Once you’ve followed me then click here to request to join the tribe! 


Get your complete guide to affiliate marketingLet’s close things out –

Please keep in mind that Tailwind only works IF you use the scheduler and actually fill those slots up with pins that you want to be seen on your boards.

Blogging has truly been a fun way to create income from home!  If you are a newbie blogger and you are looking to expand your reach, I highly recommend Pinterest as a way of advertising your posts and content.

Next, I strongly suggest using Tailwind as a way to automatically keep your Pinterest boards active.  It works as a virtual assistant in the background adding content whenever you want it added.  AND Pinterest rewards you when you are active on the platform by putting your content and pins up higher in the feeds!

Don’t delay!  Start your Pinterest business account and then go here to get your FREE TRIAL with the amazing app Tailwind!

Comment below with any tips you might have OR with questions about getting started.  I am still learning every single day but am LOVING what my new life looks like!

Always in your corner,