15 Easy Ways to Make Money Before ChristmasChristmas is such an expensive time of year.  Tons of gifts to buy, parties to go to and more cooking add up to a lot more money being spent.  There are many ways to make extra cash during the holidays!  I have compiled a few of my favorites for you.  Enjoy!

1. Ebates
If you plan to shop online at all this year – you need Ebates!  They pay you to shop!   Stick with me here and let me explain.

This one really is my favorite because I don’t have to DO anything extra.  All I have to do is shop!

There are thousands of stores to choose from!  They work with Amazon to Best Buy and everything in between.

Setting up an account is easy and fast and you make your first $10 after you spend $25 with ANY store they work with on their site. They have thousands of stores to choose from too.  Click here to make your first $10!  Or see the step by step “sign up guide” below.

Ebates Simple Start Guide:
1.  When you go to Ebates you plug your information into their site (just follow the prompts).
2.  Once you are done, choose the store you want to shop at while still on the Ebates website. (You can easily see the percentage you will get back on each store).
3.  At this point, Ebates will re-direct you to the store of your choice.
4.  Wha La! You earn cash back at the end of your purchase. (It varies from 3% cash back and goes up from there)
5.  Cash back totals will show up in the upper right hand corner of the site right beside your name 24 hours after your purchase.

Click HERE to start saving!  It’s fast and free!

2.  Snag a retail job for the holidays
TONS of places hire extra people to help with increased shopping during the holidays.  There are several benefits with this including the hourly wage you’ll earn and often times a discount when you shop at that store for your own gifts.

3.  Shovel Snow
If you live in a colder area that gets lots of snow you could offer your services to people who are too busy to shovel their driveways and walkways. It’s a cold job, but somebody’s got to do it!

4.  House sit
Many travel during the holidays and would rather not leave their house empty while they are gone.  Spread the word that you are more than willing to house sit for friends or neighbors so they don’t have to worry about their house or property.  If they have animals then that could be an additional fee on top of house sitting.

5.  Pet Sit
To some, animals are family!  While many are traveling during holiday time they don’t want to worry about their pets.  If you are going to be home you could offer your services for taking care of families beloved fur babies.  I suggest letting friends know on Facebook, telling people at church and letting your neighborhood know by putting the word out in a local neighborhood app.

6.  Offer shopping services
If you have some free time you could offer to do shopping for others.  Many still have to work full schedules during the holidays and just don’t have the time to get it all done.  If you were willing to take their list and make sure all gifts were purchased it would be a huge help to them!  Throwing in gift wrapping would be an additional charge and would make your service even more appealing.

Make Money Shopping Watching Videos and Surfing the Web7.  Gift Wrapping Service
Shopping is a big enough task!  So, getting everything wrapped is even more time consuming.

Offer to do gift wrapping for friends and family.  This is also another idea you could post on a neighborhood app for additional clients.  Ask people to spread the word for you.

You could offer to pick up their gifts and deliver them back as an additional service.  OR let people know that every Saturday until Christmas you will be home and will be open for business.  They can drop their gifts by anytime during your pre-set hours.

8.  Babysit or Nanny
People are super busy this time of year and furthermore, need to shop for their kids. Sometimes, they need to get things done without the kiddo’s tagging along.  Taking care of children can be good money!

Be sure to bring a few books or games and maybe even a small craft, depending on the age of the kids.

9.  Run Errands
The list of “things to do” gets long during the holidays.  Offering to run errands for people will take a huge load off.  You could offer everything from picking up gift wrap to shipping gifts at the post office – and everything in between!

Remember customer service is so important!  Always have smile on your face and a happy attitude.  A sweet nature goes a long way in working with people.

10.  Holiday Decorations
If you enjoy putting up Christmas trees and “decking the halls” then you could offer to put up friends and neighbors trees, house décor and even Christmas lights.

Getting a house all put together for Christmas is a HUGE deal and creates a big mess.  Some people would be more than willing to pay someone to put it all up for them.  The customer provides all of the decor and you provide the work OR you could also offer shopping AND decorating services for an additional fee.

11.  Create and Sell Holiday Door Wreaths
Create beautiful wreaths and sell them!  Wreaths in a store can start around $20 (for a cheap one) to well over $150 for a nice one. Buy your supplies whole sale or in bulk and at discounted prices.

Spread the word through Facebook, at your work, your church and through neighborhood apps.  People will pay good money for a beautiful door hanging.

12.  Catering
If you are a great cook and are highly organized you should consider offering catering services to friends and family for holiday parties and events.

You could stay small with local owned businesses or you could go bigger with larger companies who do grand parties for their employees.

13.  Sell Holiday Goodies
Another great idea for someone who likes to bake and decorate cookies, cakes, pies and any other kind of holiday treat.  Bake for friends, family or even offices and companies. You could also add delivery services for an extra fee.

14.  Sell Some Stuff
I know you have a boat load of stuff laying around that is collecting dust.  Sell it and make money!  Decluttr will buy your old CD’s, DVD’s and electronics and will pay you cash within 24 hours of receiving it via direct deposit. Click here to see what your items will go for.  It is very easy to do and will create cash in your pocket!

10 Reasons You Should Start a Money Making Blog15.  Become Santa
If you like kids and would enjoy seeing seeing their excitement and joy as they see and visit with Santa, then this would be a great option for you.

First, get a great Santa suit.  Next, offer your services to anyone who needs a real Santa for an event, a company party or even just for an individual family.

A husband and wife team could be Santa and Mrs. Claus OR possibly an elf!  You could charge by the hour, by the job or by the day.

There you go!  Fifteen great ideas that will actually make you money THIS holiday season!  Some require NO money, others require a little bit and with one, you only need to shop.  Good luck with your holiday earning.  Be sure to comment below on others ideas you might have for “quick cash” this year.

Merry Christmas to all!