6 Legit Ways to Make $1,000 a MonthIf you are sitting at your computer reading this you either don’t have a job and need to generate money from home or you do have a job but aren’t happy with it.

Another reason for side money might be that you need to pay off debt or want to save for an emergency fund.

No matter what your reasoning, let’s look at some of my favorite ideas for making $1,000 a month from home! Some of these I have done or am doing. The others I have researched and LOVE the options and freedom it can provide.

Here is the quick list version:
Scroll down further to see details for each idea.

1. Start a Blog
2. Teach English for VIPKid
3. Clean Houses
4. Virtual Assistant
5. Companion/Assistant to the Elderly or those with Special Needs
6. Errand Service

1. Start a Blog

Make Money by Starting a Blog


Without a doubt, this is at the top of my list. Why? Well, because I have started my own blog and am starting to make money!

Furthermore, it is FUN! To get to share your ideas, thoughts and strengths with the world. To get to work from home. To get to call the shots in your own life. It is truly a way to create the life your love.

It is super-fast to actually get your site started by clicking here. Clicking this link will give you a step by step, guided tutorial from picking your website name all the way to actually going live with your new business.

If you are bit nervous about starting a blog I encourage you to take a look at my post 10 Reasons You Should Start a Money Making Blog.  This post will go over multiple reasons that starting a blog is a great idea. Hint, it isn’t always about money.

Starting a blog is a way to get your life back!

  • YOU are the boss and get to make decisions that YOU like.
  • You will no longer have to commute to work.
  • You can sleep in or if you have kids to get to school then you can dictate how   your day looks and how you work.
  • It is a great way for a person to create massive change in their lives.

All this being said, blogging takes work and will take some time to generate income. Many bloggers make anywhere from $500 a month all the way up to over $100,000 or more on a monthly basis.

If you have something you are good at, something you really enjoy talking about or doing then blogging needs to be a serious consideration.

How can you get started?  Click here to have your blog up and running in 15 minutes!

OR if you need more time and maybe a little more information you might consider joining my FREE SIX Day Blogging Course.

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2. Teach English for VIPKid

This is the coolest platform for a teacher with a degree to ditch their day job and earn money from home. Full disclosure, I have never worked with this company. I am not a certified teacher nor do I have a teaching degree. So, I am not qualified to apply for this type of job.

However, I do have friends that are teachers and I know for a fact some of them are tired of what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

VIPKid is an organization with an ESL program based out of Beijing, China. Teachers work with kids ages 4 to 12 teaching them English.

Make Money From Home as a Virtual AssistantHere are the questions I know you want answered:

  • Each class is 30 minutes long, not including prep time
  • VIPKid recommends that a teacher be available for 7.5 hours each week to stay active and make decent money.  (Please make note that you will need to work more hours than the recommended 7.5 in order to reach $1,000 monthly)
  • It can take approximately one month in order to have a full class schedule.  This time frame may vary as students and parents try and get to know new teachers.
  • You are paid via direct deposit between the 10th and the 15th of the month and the average hourly rate is $18

Not a bad deal from home for a certified teacher.

You can apply by clicking here. 

Reasons this might be something you would consider:

  1. You are tired of a classroom full of rowdy kids
  2. Dealing with difficult parents is starting to wear you down
  3. You love teaching but are tired of being at school all day long
  4. You would like more flexibility when it comes to hours
  5. You are tired of grading papers after work until very late at night
  6. You like the idea of working with one student at a time
  7. You like the shorter class time of 30 minutes per student
  8. You would like to create a schedule that works around what is important to you
  9. Teaching just isn’t what you thought it would be and you are ready for a change

This is a one on one classroom – just you and one student. The kids are eager to learn and super excited to work with you.

The online world has come SO far in the last decade. There is no reason you cannot start something from home and actually make it work for your family dynamic.

How can you get started?  It is super easy! Just click here to learn more or to apply.

3. Cleaning Houses

I have actually done this at different times throughout my life. During college I cleaned several houses to pay my way through school.

I also picked up a few houses to clean when we were going debt free in mid-2009. I made an average of $80 per house. If you pick up 3 a week, that adds up to $960 each month!  No matter how you look at it – that is decent money for just one or two days of work.

I get this isn’t for everyone, however, if you are sick of your current situation then this could be your answer. People will pay good money for the things they don’t want to do!

A few recommendations as you are getting started:

  1. Create a form that tells the potential client what you clean every time you come. (floors, dusting, tubs, window sills, etc.)
  2. Create an additional form that tells the potential client what you clean on a monthly basis. (base boards, ceiling fans, etc.)
  3. Create one more from offering services that are considered “extra.”  This would need to include fees for each. (inside and outside window cleaning, ovens, refrigerators, deep freeze, back or front porch, etc.)

A nice touch might be:  Creating a form that you would leave each time you clean an existing client’s home. This form would tell your customer what monthly item or extra item you did that day. Also adding a hand written, very short “thank you” on this form would be a neat way to end each cleaning. This would be a nice touch of communication and kindness at the same time.

I recommend starting with people you know. Post something on Facebook, spread the word through friends at your church or ask for referrals. Give a special deal to your first job asking them in turn for a testimonial you can use in order to market yourself to others.

4. Virtual Assistant

Make Money as a Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistants (VA) do many tasks that a business owner, blogger or entrepreneur either doesn’t like to do or doesn’t have time for.

I have done a lot of research on this and have found a fantastic person who runs an entire business teaching others how to become a virtual assistant.  Click here to read more about her and to learn more about how YOU can become a VA.

VA jobs can be done totally online with people you never actually meet or can be local where you get to meet those who are hiring you.

Are you curious what services virtual assistants offer?  I was too.  So I dug deeper and found over 150 service options.  Rather than type them all in I want to send you to THE gal who is an expert in this field!  Click here to read the full article.

The great thing about this work from home option is as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start your own VA business.

If this is a genuine interest for you click here to read an in-depth post on Everything you Need to Know About How to Become a Virtual Assistant. 

5. Companion/Assistant to the Elderly or those with Special Needs

With baby boomers getting older and needing care this is a great time in our culture to consider this as an option. You would not necessarily need a nursing degree to offer companion or assistant services. Your main focus would be to “be” in the home with the elderly/special needs person for a set number of hours per day.

Your responsibilities could include (but not limited to):
• Cooking breakfast, lunch and/or dinner
• Light house cleaning
• Light laundry
• Assisting in clothing changes
• Making sure medications are taken as prescribed and at the right times
• Running the elderly to and from doctors’ appointments
• Communication and entertainment (such as games, outings with friends, etc)
• Letting in nursing staff or other people assigned to the elderly

It could be a very rewarding job that would allow you to make someone’s life a bit better. It could potentially be flexible, working around what needs your kids and family have.

How to start: I recommend word of mouth and social media outlets to let friends and family know of your intentions and what you are offering. You will be surprised who in your circle knows someone that is looking for this type of help.

6. Errand Service

The simple fact is, people are super busy these days! If you could offer an errand service to people within your community you could do very well.
Services offered could be tailored to your specific area and needs of those in your community. So, I will start you with a list of general ideas. However, I think this list will open your eyes to others things you could offer within your business.

Errand services you could offer:
1. Dry cleaning drop off/pick up
2. Dog grooming drop off/pick up
3. Medication pick up
4. Courier Services
5. Birthday party planning and shopping
6. Mail pick up and drop off
7. Holiday shopping
8. Gift delivery
9. Lunch drop off or delivery for school age children
10. Gift wrapping
11. Baking and delivery
12. Wait for repair men in your home
13. OR anything else you can come up with!

This is becoming a trend in the US right now. Think about it, everyone has errands to run no matter who you are. People are busier than ever. This is where you step in and provide a solution with fabulous customer service! It is a win-win for both parties.

How to start:  I recommend getting a really nice flyer together.  In your new flyer, be sure to add what errands you are willing to run, fees associated with each errand or your hourly rate.  Let your potential clients know what days you work and your hours.

Pass your flyers out to businesses and neighborhoods so they know you are close by and ready to make their life easier.  Remember, when advertising it is all about them!  How you are going to take care of the “busy work” in their live so they can focus on more important things like family and free time.

I want to challenge and encourage you to believe that you CAN create a life you love! You do not have to stay in a job you hate. I did that for many years.

Having tasted freedom and remembering what it was like on the other side – there is no comparison! 

Come on!  You CAN do this!  Be sure to comment below or email me directly here to let me know what you decided to do and how it is going.

Believing in you!

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