THe Complete Guide to Affiliate MarketingWhat on earth is affiliate marketing?  How do blogs make money?  Do people really make money while they sleep?  Is it really possible for me?

I have a feeling if you are reading this post then you have probably asked one of these questions at some point.  They are all good questions. And we are going to answer them all today!

First, what is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing or referral marketing is when you tell someone about a product or service you like and use – then get paid when a purchase is made because of that referral.  The creator of that product is more than willing to give you a piece of the profit just for telling others about their stuff.

Referral marketing (or affiliate marketing) is HUGE on the internet and is a great way to start bringing in side money for you and your family.

Another way I like to explain affiliate marketing is this:

Doing work on the front end – and getting paid for weeks, months or even years on the back end – long after the work is done!

Like the sound of it?  Then stay with me!

Do people really make money through affiliate marketing?

Yes, they do!  I can give you tons of stories on people who make GOBS of money with affiliate sales!   Michelle Schroeder who exceeds 50K a month and Pat Flynn who makes even more have been on the internet for quite a while and are great people to point to when looking for inspiration.

However, there are others who are newer to the online world and and they too are doing fantastic.  Suzi Whitford is another favorite who just started a few years ago and is making more than $20,000 a month. I too am seeing my own piece of the pie in this type of money making venture.  I’m a new blogger but have already started seeing results from my site and efforts.

How do I get paid with affiliate marketing?

It all depends on the company or site you are working with. Some sites allow you to choose from their list of options and others have just one way of paying their affiliates.

The different methods I have seen are:

    • Paypal
    • Direct Deposit
    • Paper Check

How often do I get paid?

This also varies from company to company. Some will pay once a month and others once a quarter.  Others only pay once a month if you hit a certain dollar amount in your account – like $50 or $100.

How to Make Money with Affiliate MarketingHow can I get started with affiliate marketing?

This too is very different for all companies.  Some work with newbies and don’t require any type of approval process.  My personal favorite, that doesn’t require an application, would be Ebates.  With Ebates all you need to do is set up a free account (you can do that here) and then snag your referral link to start earning.  You’ll earn $25 for every person you send after they spend their first $25 through Ebates!

Other companies will require that you apply through an online portal and wait to be approved.  They will go through a process of checking your website and making sure you are someone they want to work with.  Some of my favorite companies for the approval process are Amazon, Bluehost, Convert Kit, VIPKid, PicMonkey and Horkey Handbook. Now, this is just a small list!  But you get the point.  Telling others why you like these products or services can make you money every single month.

The course I went through to learn more about affiliate marketing is
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It was done by Michelle Schroeder who makes over 50K per month from affiliate sales.  It is easy to follow, can be done in less than a week (or longer since it is self paced), and will teach you from start to finish what you need to know to get started.  The bonus lessons and trainings at the end of the course that will be very beneficial if you like Pinterest!

How do I share with others the affiliate products I like?

Blogging:  My first recommendation is to start a blog!  A blog gives you a platform to send people to each and every day. You might be thinking that you could just promote products through your social media accounts and that is true, you certainly can!  And you can make money too.  However, you will be seriously limiting yourself to only those people that follow you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Yes, you can get the occasional shares and re-tweets but that still limits you to who you know or who your friends know.

Starting your own blog gives you a new platform to build on and will ultimately give you more credibility online. There are multiple ways to promote affiliate products and services on your site as well.  Everything from a review post, to content that teaches others how to do something, guest posts, contest, a how to guide, product tutorials and so much more.

I have a few posts you might want to read in order to dig deeper into this topic. Stop and take a minute to read these posts or you can pin the one below by clicking the image.

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Social Media:  If you’re just not ready to take the “blogging” plunge yet then start out by sharing your links on your social media outlets. BE SURE to check the rules for these platforms first!  All of these sites are different and you don’t want to get in any trouble by sharing a direct link if it’s not allowed on the platform you are considering.

Let’s talk Pinterest:  Pinterest I know best since it was my first platform.   So, let me share some tips for that site. For those that don’t’ know, Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, it’s a search engine!  People come to this site to SHOP and to learn! So, if you don’t have a Pinterest account, I highly recommend starting one.  Create pins using Picmonkey and put them on your boards. This is a great way for people from all over to find your links and buy from you.  Be sure to check out my post on how I went from 85 to over 35K monthly viewers on Pinterest in just 30 days just below.

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YouTube:  This is such a HUGE platform that millions of people come to each and everyday.  You can share anything, add links to your video and promote your YouTube links all over social media and your blog.  You’ll not only reach your followers but also anyone on YouTube who is looking for something in your genre.

How long will it take to start making money?

In some cases, today!  Sharing your opinion on social media can be done today and could earn you money before the sun sets!  If you have a Pinterest account that can also be done today.  Create a pin and add it to several of your boards.

In other cases, it could take some time.  For example, blogging takes a bit more time but does reward you over the long haul with sustained effort.    You’ll want to start by getting your blog going (you can do that here), adding great content on a consistent basis, and adding affiliate links as they “actually relate” to what your site is about and what your content contains.

Change is hard but its harder to stay in the same place you hateIs affiliate marketing worth it?

Absolutely!  It is totally worth it!  I made my first commission from Ebates in my first month and it was while I was ASLEEP!  Doing work on the front end – and make money repeatedly on the back end – long after the work is done is completely worth it!

Let’s close this out

I know you must be dissatisfied in your current situation or you wouldn’t be reading this post.  I have been where you are and I get it.  I want to challenge you to LEAP!  Don’t just keep thinking about what life “could” be like.  Step out and start something new! You’ll never know what could happen if you don’t at least try.

STOP waiting for the right time!  The right time never comes.  Start reaching for your dreams today.

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As always, I’m your corner!