6 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Blog or BusinessIt is the dream of millions to own their own business or start a money making blog.  I mean think about it.  Who wouldn’t want to fire their boss and start something that belongs solely to them?  I honestly don’t know many people who say they “LOVE” their job and cannot WAIT to get to work on Monday morning.

I have been there with the whole hating Monday’s thing.  Working part time for someone who really didn’t care about me was not a fun experience.  It was all about the bottom line for him.  He did me a favor though!  He laid me off by TEXT MESSAGE (yes, you heard me right!) and gave me the gift of GRIT!  I knew at that very moment that I would never go back to a traditional job.  I was DONE!

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I was ready to pave my own way and start something that was mine.  I was ready to be an entrepreneur!

That leads to our topic for today.  Is entrepreneurship really for everyone?  My fast answer would be, probably not.  However, that being said, anyone who TRULY has a dream to change their lives can become a business owner or great blogger.  The key here is to be honest about yourself and about your shortcomings.

Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Six Questions to ask yourself before you get started…

1.  Do I work well independently?

Can you work on your own and stay motivated with no one looking over your shoulder?  Do you work well alone?  Do you need a list given to you by someone else in order to know what to do?

2.  Am I self-motivated or a self-starter? This is a big one!  In business for yourself you MUST be able to have a vision in your head for what you want to do and where you want to go with your business.  And that’s not enough!  Once you have a vision in your mind of what you want your business or blog to look like, then you must be able to take quick action to make it happen! Are you a dreamer or a doer?

Dreaming and doing are totally different! 

Dreamers are amazing people who will tell you all day long what they want to do.  Don’t misunderstand me here!  I am a HUGE dreamer! So, I am not casting stones at all.  I dream of travel, my blog, my family and where my life is headed. So I get dreamers! Doers are also amazing people with those same dreams BUT they actually put on their tennis shoes and starting running that very difficult marathon! I happen to be both and I think it is a great combination!

3.  Will my desire to become successful overpower the difficulty that I will occasionally experience?

Are you the kind of person who quits as soon as anything gets hard?  Have you ever finished anything really important in life?  Does discouragement have a tendency to make your freeze and not move forward?

As a new blogger I can honestly tell you that starting anything from scratch is a big venture.  Everything sits on your shoulders.  For me, that was totally okay!  I had done the “boss” thing in an office environment for a very long time and I was DONE!  I was ready to make ALL decisions and get to choose what my days looked like.

4.  Do I care what others think or say about my dream of starting a blog or a business?

Can you keep moving forward, in the trenches, ALONE – when others might down play or talk bad about what you are trying to do? Do you care what others think of you?  Would it bother you if friends or family made fun of what you were trying to do?

I know you have great family and fantastic friends but truthfully, there will be the nay-sayers telling you all the reasons why this is a very bad idea. I know there are people out there who will believe in and support you in your personal journey.  But let’s be honest, there will be many in your circle whose face will show EXACTLY what they think of your new venture.

5.  Can I commit to working this business/blog until I achieve success?

Are you willing to WORK HARD until you begin to see results?  Are you the type of person who has a “never quit” attitude?

If you are starting a blog:  Can you commit to consist blog posts and showing up every day until the traffic starts to come?  Will you be able to keep building your site and brand even when numbers and followers are low?

If you are getting a side business:  Whether it be online or a physical location, can you commit to quality customer service even if you only have a few people to serve?  Will you be able to stay committed for a LONG period of time no matter what?

6.  Do I generally  make excuses for why others are successful and I am not? 

7 Steps to Kill Every Excuse You HaveThis is the BIG KAHUNA!  Do you sit around and look at other successful people and give a long list of reasons why their journey to success has been so easy?  Do you give yourself a “pass” because your life has been hard or your circumstances are worst?

The big question here is this.

Are you the type of person that can be patient AND consistent at the same time? 

Can you work hard, be creative, manage your emotions and not give up while allowing time to work its magic?

Starting a business or blog is a marathon, not a sprint!  I know you have heard this – and know it!  However, it is SO important to stress this point.

If you have a personality or temperament that needs instant success or instant gratification, then starting a blog or business might be more challenging for you.

I would hope that your venture skyrockets to success overnight!  However, statistics show it could take a bit longer.

If you feel after answering these questions you are the type of person who is ready to be an entrepreneur then I challenge you to go for it!  You will never regret it once you achieve success!

Don’t be just a dreamer!  Be a DOER!

Email me at tammy@crazymoneymom.com or comment below if you are ready to start something new.