12 Easy Side Businesses That Don't Need a College DegreeAre you sick and tired of your day job and have always wanted to start your own business?  Millions of people are just like you and are actively looking for a change in their lives.  One of my favorite books is Start by John Acuff.  He talks about the importance of just getting started on whatever it is that you dream of doing. You won’t have answers to all of the questions before you get going.

Whatever your idea, goal or dream is the best way to get there…is to just START!

Two things to consider are this.  All you need is an idea and willingness to go get it! The combination will push you forward!  Don’t over think things!  When you over think you have a tendency to freeze.  Whatever your idea is let’s get you moving towards it this week!

Before we look at ideas, generally speaking, you will need several basic things to start any business.  Without these, you will struggle.  Keep in mind this is just a starter list and over time your needs will grow and change.

  • Business Cards
  • What you offer in printed form (services, pricing, hours, phone number, etc)
  • Advertising (through flyers, social media, neighborhood apps, word of mouth)
  • Great customer service!

The ideas below are pretty easy.  This meaning you don’t need a college degree or specialized training in order to begin.

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Okay, let’s take a look:

1. Dog Walking

Super easy side hustle if you love animals!  You need to come across as a kind person who the family can trust in their home and with their beloved dog.  The national average for a dog walker per visit is between $15 and $25 depending on location and experience and other factors. This is for a 20 to 30 minute walk.  Discounts are generally given for a second dog in the family and can be as much as half off.  One dog at $20 per visit three times a week would generate $60 weekly.  If you could find five dogs to walk three times a week it would generate $1200 a month!

Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost2. Dog Sitting

Again, the requirement here is that you love dogs.  However, if you do, the payout can be really good.  Angie’s List reports that the average overnight stay for a dog runs $37 per night. Drop in visits can run between $25 -$50 per day.  While regular doggie day care rates run approximately $30 per day.  There are several sites out there that you can hook up with in order to generate leads and never under estimate the power of social media.

3. House Sitting

Depending on the family, you will either stay in their home every night while they are away or you will make an appearance in the home on a daily basis.  Getting mail, picking up any packages or newspapers, taking care of pets, and generally making sure the house is in good working order will be your job.

Most house sitters charge $25 – $45 per day and that fee can climb to around $80 daily.  Others will do it for free in exchange for food and staying rent free.  Depending on your needs will determine how you decide to run your business.

4. Errand Service

An errand service can be very profitable for someone who is organized and can multi task.  Start in your local town and look to acquire several clients who are in close proximity.  Fees vary widely from $15 to $45 per hour with a national average of $25 per hour.  Small towns and rural areas will be on the lower end whereas big city errand runners will make more.

5. Photography

I have a dear friend who turned her hobby of taking pictures of her kids into a side business that she loves!  Her husband also owns his own very successful business.  She opted to do photography because she enjoys it and it becomes her fun money!

If you have a good camera, have a great personality, and have an eye for how to take great pictures then this might be something for you to look into.  Rates vary widely depending on what you offer but generally start around $75 for a small session and one outfit to up over $1500 for weddings!  With no experience you would want to start small and grow from there.

6. Mr. (or Mrs.) Fix It

Ladies, stay with me here!  I have a friend (a woman) who can fix just about anything!  So, this is a viable option for some ladies.  Furthermore, you could do this as a husband and wife team.  The guy can do the fixing – and the gal can do phone and office work, setting setting schedules, take care of the money side of things and much more.

This business can include fixing electronics to lawn mowers and appliances.  You name it and there will be someone out there who needs it fixed.  Many charge a service call fee just for showing up and then a the repair would include parts and labor.

7. Painting Business

Here is another great husband/wife team business.

Homes, businesses, small jobs, big jobs, interior, exterior. There are many options here for making money.  You decide what you offer and set your rates.  If you only do interior work then make that clear in your advertising.  Maybe you would prefer exterior or commercial jobs.  Either way you can make great money being willing to paint something that others don’t want to deal with.

8. Fence Staining

Yet another husband/wife team business!

Where I live we are required to keep our fence stain looking very nice.  If at any point your fence stain starts to fade or has sprinkler spray marks you will get a notice from the HOA telling you to get it fixed fast!  I see signs fairly often around my city advertising fence staining so I know this is a good business to consider.

One idea to get your business going is to find your first customer and offer them a discounted rate for their job. In return for their discount, ask them to allow you to take pics of their fence for advertising purposes.  It’s a win for both of you!

75 Ways to Make Money WIthout Going to Work9.  Window Washing

Exterior windows are a pain to keep clean and when the sun shines at certain angles through those same windows, they look awful!  I am currently looking for a window washing service in my area right now.

This would require no training but you would need certain supplies to make your work as easy and as quick as possible all while doing a fantastic job.

Rates range from $2 to $7 per pane.  Most windows are double hung and have two panes.  Angie’s List reports that an average window cleaning for an entire house runs around $260 which sometimes includes windows, screens and doors.  Not bad for one day of work!

10. Before/After School Transfer Service

Many parents work and cannot take or pick up their kids from school. Buses are an option but for some, they don’t want to go that route or the family lives too close to be eligible for a bus ride.

Pay rates range from $30 to $50 a week and can be adjusted to fit a specific pick up schedule.  You could easily pick up several children if you have a larger SUV taking your weekly pay up even higher.

11. Tutoring Business

College students, current teachers looking for side money, or former teachers who are now stay at home moms, this is for you!  Parents will pay good money for this type of service.

Rates vary widely and range from $25 per hour upwards of $70 per hour.  Clearly you would need to be available after school hours when the students are free.

Make Money as a Virtual Assistant From Home12. Mowing Business

We have a friend who started a mowing business years ago and he has done very well!  He now has multiple crews and they offer fantastic customer service.  This is another idea that could be a great business for a husband/wife team.  The husband could do the actual yard work and the wife could take care of payroll, scheduling, billing and phone/office work.

For a small yard, front and back, rates will start around $35 each week.  We live on an acre of land and it cost over $100 to have it mowed.  You can see the rates vary depending on the size of the yard, where you live and gas prices at the time.  Five yards that are approximately one acre in size would bring in $500 a week!  That is very good money on a monthly basis!

Remember, all it takes is a starting point.  You will never get to where you want to go by dreaming about it.  Just start!  If you get going today, in 7 days you will be closer to where you want to be.

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As always, I am forever in your corner!