75 Ways to Make Money With NO Boss and NO Job!If you are like most moms you feel overwhelmed and overworked!   I get it.  I was just like you and remember it well.  Let’s see if we can find something that you could do from home so you can start the process of designing a life you LOVE!  Trust me, it is much more fun to work for yourself than for someone who is only in it for the bottom line.

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I have broken down the ideas for making money into different categories to help you navigate through a little easier. Some of these ideas could easily fit into multiple categories so be sure to check out as many as possible!

Side hustles and internet work can help in many ways:

  • It can pay for extracurricular activities for your kids.
  • Cover groceries.
  • Pay your electric and waters bills.
  • Reduce stress (because there is extra money).
  • Allow you to move from a full time employee – to a part time employee.
  • Pay for one or two vacations each year.
  • Pay for your mortgage each month.

Not bad for a simple side gig!

Looking long term these ideas could allow you to let your full time job go and work completely from home!

I know you have a dream!  Whatever you do, don’t give up on making your dream, your goal and your vision for your family a reality!  Open your mind to the possibility of taking one step towards what you want.

Here we GO…

Actual  “Work From Home” Options

How to Start a Blog and What to Blog About1.  Start a Blog
This is SO fun and can be worked around your life!  You can start a blog about something you enjoy or are good at.  It can start small and grow as you learn more.  Starting a blog is easy and fast.  It is also cheap with my link.  If you are ready to get going, click here to have your new blog up and running in 15 minutes or less for only $3.95 a month!

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Blogging is changing my life and I want to help others see it could be for them too.

If you are still unsure about blogging why not go through my 6 day FREE email course?  Click below to learn more.


2.  ZipRecruiter
If you are looking for a genuine work from home “job” then ZipRecruiter might be your answer.  You don’t have to create your own side hustle or business.  Work from home jobs are sent to you.  Click here to get going with ZipRecruiter today.

3.  Manage Social Media Accounts for Businesses or Blogs
Business owners and entrepreneurs get busy with daily tasks and creative things they desire to do in their business.  Many are looking for someone who will manage their social media accounts so they don’t have to constantly be “on” those sites. If you are good with social media and know of a few business owners or a blogger – reach out to them and see if they could use your services.

Money Making Ideas for Moms

4. Before/After School Transfer Service
I actually did this for a family whose little boy needed tutoring.  When my oldest daughter was about 2 and still home with me most days I would pick him up from junior high and run him to his tutoring appointment each day.   His mother was off work by the time he was finished so all I had to do was drop him off.  I was basically transferring him from school to tutoring.  This mom paid me $100 a week to do this.  Very easy money!  Parents will pay good money for their kids to be taken care of by good people.

Earn money from home as a proofreader5.  Keep small children for moms who have a full time job
I did this as well!  You can keep infants up to pre-school age children in your home while moms are at work.  Check your states requirements for when you would need to register your small side gig as an actual “day care.”  It would depend on the number of kids you are keeping.  Two kids a week at $150 per child would bring in $1200 a month!

6.  Use your Baking Skills as a Side Biz
If you love to cook or bake this could be a great way to generate money from home!  Birthday cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, decorative cookies, pies during the holidays, office birthday parties and events just to name a few.  Jot down who you know and get going on a flyer.  I promise you’ll find a following of return customers quickly!  If you are really good this could quickly turn into a small catering business.

7. Substitute Teach
In my area substitute teachers make around $65 a day.  There is NO prep work required.  You just follow instructions that the regular teach has left for you.  You can choose if you want to do elementary, junior high or high school and usually the district will only call you for a job that fits within that preference. This would be great for moms who have school age children and only want to work a few days per week.  A big bonus – you can pick and choose when you want to work!

8.  Mystery Shop
There are many options online for this type work.  You will be checking out restaurants, retails stores, malls, and mom and pop businesses.  Generally speaking you will have a list of things that you will need to look into or check out while doing that job. It could be everything from cleanliness, checking out bathrooms, service, wait times and much more.  Although I have never done mystery shopping, from my research I have found that Bestmark has fantastic reviews!  I suggest starting there since they have such great feedback online.  If you are interested in Bestmark click here to take a closer look.

Money making for animal lovers

9.  Dog Walking
If you love animals and want to be outdoors several days a week you need to consider starting your own dog walking business.  These days, people love their dogs and treat them like family!  They will pay to have someone get their fur baby out during the day and give them some quality one on one time.

10.  Dog Sitting
For those who have the room in their home, dog sitting for those who will be out of town is a great side business!  I have seen everything from $12 a day up to $25 per day.  Generally, the owner provides the food and treats that their dog prefers.  You provide the yard, care and love.

11.  Pet Grooming Services
This would require some outside training but can definitely be profitable!  Before we lost our little cocker spaniel, we paid $50 every time we took her in for grooming. She was small, at only 11 pounds, so if you have 7 or 8 dogs, 4 to 5 days a week – it could definitely add up.

12.  Dog Training
Families pay good money to train their puppies/dogs to follow commands, house training, and for overall good behavior.  You could certainly acquire outside training for this type business, however, some people are just good with animals!  A combination of both might be good for getting started with this side hustle.

For those who enjoy working on the computer:

Make Money Shopping Watching Videos and Surfing the Web

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13.  Complete Surveys Online
This is a super easy way to make cash on an ongoing basis.  I have included 6 of my favorites for you to take a look at. Each are fast to sign up and FREE to use.  A combination of these websites would help you make more money each month.

Swagbucks is a great website that rewards you for doing surveys, searching the web for specific items or doing simple tasks and even watching videos.  You will earn Swagbucks points (also referred to as SB points) that you can turn into gift cards or cash.

Click here to join Swagbucks

Inbox Dollars
Make money online reading emails, doing surveys, playing games, completing offers and much more.  You will be surprised how many options there are on this site! You can request a “cash out” of any money earned once you hit $30 in your account. Inbox Dollars pays you with a PrePaid Visa Cash Card.   After you have hit your first $30 in earnings and request your cash card, you automatically become a Gold Member and from that point forward you can request a paper check or a PrePaid Visa cash card. Join Inbox Dollars using the link below.

  Join Inbox Dollars here and get a $5 sign up bonus with this link.

How to afford being a stay at home momEarning Station Here is another company that will pay you for doing simple tasks. Full disclosure, this company only services the USA right now.  So, be aware of this before trying to join if you are in another country. If you are in the US then this might be a good fit for you.  Watch videos, shop, take surveys, play games or even just search the web. You are paid through gift cards.

Click here to join Earning Station and start earning money today!

Here are a few other sites I have also used.  They all work similarly and will pay you for similar work:

 Join Ibotta here!

My Points

Make Money Shopping!

14.  Ebates
If you shop for clothes, shoes, Christmas items, toys, gadgets, electronics AND you like major stores like Amazon, Home Depot, Macy’s Walmart, Sephora, Best Buy, Overstock (and thousands more) then you MUST get signed up with Ebates! This is an incredible website that rewards you for going to their site to shop at over 2,500 stores!  It is free to join and you earn $10 after you make your first $25 purchase.  Click here to learn more and to sign up.

You get paid to shop!  This is kind of a no brainer!

Services You Can Offer in Order to Make Money
In today’s society people are very busy and are willing to pay for almost any service you can come up with.  Below are a list of things you could do in order to generate money from home or on your own terms.  Often times, you can work for multiple people at the same time since in the beginning these are not “full time” gigs.

15.  Become a Personal Shopper
Many don’t have time to shop for clothes, shoes, kids items, decor and so much more. They will pay good money for someone to shop for them.  You need to love shopping and be very good at listening to what someone else wants.  It would be a plus to have a fantastic personality and enjoy people.

16.  Personal Assistant
This type work involves anything needed in order to make someone’s life easier.  This would be a great option for those who work well on their own with a list.  You would need to be organized and be willing to do multiple different things each day.  You could easily negotiate your hours giving you some flexibility in your work.

I worked for a dentist for years who had a personal assistant.  She would show up three mornings a week and he would have tasks and items he needed her to take care of.  Some included picking up dry cleaning, making doctor’s appointments for him, communicating with other business associates, running documents where needed, picking up family from the airport and much more. She was kind of quiet but very efficient!  She loved her job and the doctor loved having her as a “go to” for anything he needed done.

Ideas that involve painting and fixing things:

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Blog or Business17.  Mr. (or Mrs.) Fix It
Okay, most women would not be a fit for this, but just in case we have a guy reading this list I felt it should be here. Furthermore, I know a couple of mom friends who can fix just about anything!

Everything from mowers, washer and dryers, microwaves, leaky faucets, and general house maintenance.  The list could be very long here!  If you are good with your hands and have a knack for fixing things you could very easily turn this into a full time gig.

18.  Start a Painting Business:
Some people don’t mind painting but others truly dislike it.  If you are pretty good at it and are looking for extra money this would be a great side business. Jeff and I had the exterior of our first home painted by an off duty fireman.  He purchased the paint and we turned right around and reimbursed him.  Then he charged us $700 for his labor.  It took him 3 days to complete the entire job.  Not bad for 3 days of work!

Side note here:  Jeff and I have painted quite a bit in our marriage.  We have owned rental properties for over 15 years and that is where our painting skills have been honed.  This really could be a job for men or women.

19.  Fence Staining
It is important if you have a wood fence to have it stained or sealed to extend the life of the lumber.  Many don’t want the hassle of having to do that type of work in the heat or cold so they are more than willing to pay someone to do it for them. I have heard everything from $350 for a small fence to up over $3,000 for a larger fence.   That is good money!

Start a Business to make extra money:

How on earth do blogs make money20.  Get involved with a Network Marketing company
I actually did this for about 5 or 6 years and made pretty good money. I worked with Arbonne International and one year made over $30,000 PLUS got to drive a white Mercedes as a company car!  Not a bad deal.

If you have a product or item that you buy from someone through one if these type companies I highly recommend you consider taking a close look at selling their products. I mean, you already love the products they offer so you would be a great testimonial.

I personally knew and met people in Arbonne who made 6 figures a month in that industry.

21.  Start a corporate cleaning business (for offices and offices complexes)
Offer cleaning services to businesses after hours.  The last thing bosses or employees want to do is clean the office after a long day of work.  You would come in after the office or business closes and clean it before the employees return to work the next day.

This could be a daily cleaning including changing trash cans, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen areas, vacuuming and cleaning windows and mirror in public areas.  Or you could offer a weekly service where you come in on the weekends only.



21.  Organizational Services
Often times people lives get so crazy they suddenly notice that their home or business is very disorganized.  If organization is a strength for you then this could be a great money maker.  Organize your thoughts, put on paper what services you offer, and what you are willing to organize and go from there.

Offer to organize closets, laundry rooms, pantries, kitchens and kids rooms.  You might be surprised what people will pay to get their home life cleaned up!

22.  Errand Service
Many people these days don’t have time to take care of basic errands.  They work full time, have several kids that are involved in extracurricular activities and run constantly.

Create a plan that would offer to run the errands they don’t have time for.  This could include dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, picking up prescriptions, running to the post office, quick grocery store runs, and the list could go on.

This would be a fantastic business for a mom who really doesn’t want a full time job but would rather have the flexibility to take and pick up her kids from school.

Make Thousands From Home as a Virtual Assistant23.  Start a Virtual Assistant Business
This type business can be VERY lucrative for the right person!  I have teamed up with the master of virtual assistants (VA) and will link to her in this post.

Virtual Assistants offer many services to help businesses entrepreneurs and bloggers help with running their day to day operations.  Click here to take a closer look at the services VA’s offer and to see if this might be a fit for you.  If you are interested in taking a course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know so you can get started, click here! 

To read an my entire post dedicated to this one topic, click here to read my interview with one of the most successful Virtual Assistant’s on the web today!  It is packed with tons of info AND has a way for you to get your own VA business started.

24.  Mowing Business
Okay, I probably would not do this as a side gig but it needs to be on this list because it’s a lucrative business for someone who is serious!   I personally know several people who have started a mowing business that are very successful.  It is all about customer service and doing a fantastic job.

As an idea for you – if you are a husband and wife team, you could start a business together!  One can do the mowing and outdoor work while the other does the books, billing, payroll and business end.

25.  Event Planner
I have a dear friend who is an event planner and she does VERY well!  There are different ways you can charge for this type of work.  You can either charge a flat fee on top of expenses or you could charge a percentage of whatever the event costs.  Meaning your fee would be 10% or 15% of whatever the final event cost was.

How to make money with belief and a businessBelow is a list of events that a planner might put together

  • Business events
  • Corporate Christmas Parties
  • Formal Dinners
  • Wedding anniversary celebrations
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Retirement parties
  • Birthday parties for all ages

26. Photography
I have a dear friend who found that she loved taking pictures of her kids.  She began to play around with Photoshop and realized she loved photography!  She has now turned her hobby into a small side business.  Her passion is infant and baby photography but she does all types.

Keep in mind she did not have any formal training. She just enjoyed it and decided to learn more!

This might be a fit for you if you have a camera, love taking pictures and are willing to learn how to edit pics through photoshop or other types of editing software.

Make Money with Affiliate MarketingIdeas for those who love weddings!

28.  Wedding Planner
It might be a good idea to watch the move Wedding Planner with Matthew McConaughey before you do this!  🙂  Wedding planners plan this type of event from start to finish!  Unlike an event planner, they only work with weddings.
You would be responsible for everything from:

Finding a venue
Seating arrangements
The band (and other items not listed here)

This is a very lucrative business if you are good!  It would take some time to become known but with a few good jobs you would get great word of mouth advertising!

 29. Bridesmaid for Hire/Personal Bridesmaid
This is legit!  Your job would consist of doing anything and everything the bride needs at any given time.  Everything from running errands, picking up family coming in from out of town, make phone calls, seating plans, hair and makeup arrangements, organizing dress fitting for the bride as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  The list could be long here but if you love people and you enjoy weddings this could be a really fun business for you.

For Educators, Teachers, College Seniors or Graduate Students 

30.  Editor
Editors are needed for many careers, professions and people.  There are many who need proofing for papers, resume’s or basic information they are responsible for.  You could start your own editing business with a full website and even hire staff to work for you.  Or if you wanted to stay small that would be okay too. Just you and what you can handle.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  It is all up to you and what you prefer.

31.  Tutoring for all ages
Parents will hire great tutors for any and all subjects to assist their kids in getting better grades. You can offer services out of your home, or you can offer to come to their home.  Pricing will vary with location and your level of education.  A college student can earn around $25 an hour and maybe more.  A certified teacher can earn more simply because they have a degree.

32.  Teaching Kids on VIPKID
This is a great option for someone who is already a certified teacher!  You can apply here.  You will be teaching children in China to speak English.  NO, you do not need to speak another language!  If you can speak English and you have a teaching degree you are eligible! The great news here is you will not be with a classroom full of kids. You teach one student at a time for 30 minutes each session.  Average pay is about $18 an hour and you set your own schedule.  This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to let go of a traditional classroom.

If you would like more information on this, click here to read a little more and to apply.

Ways to Increase Your Pay at Your Current Job – Without Huge Changes to your Life

33.  Ask for a Raise
If you have been with a company or small business for more than a year and have not had a raise yet, then it might be time to ask for one.  Now, if you are not a good employee then you are not in a position to ask just yet.

Reasons you should/could ask for a raise:

  •  You have been there more than one year
  • You are always early and you stay a few minutes late if needed/when needed
  • You do your job happily and with a great attitude
  • You are a team player and don’t mind helping others when they need it
  • You bring new ideas and fresh insight into your department/area of expertise
  • You see yourself staying with the company for several years

34.  Work overtime
Offer to work after hours including holidays and weekends.  Holidays are often double time and a half if you make an hourly wage.  Never under-estimate the power of adding over time a couple of times a month in order to add income for debt, vacation savings, or retirement.

35.  Get a promotion
Do a little digging to find out if any promotion type opportunities will be available any time soon?  If they are coming, I recommend cleaning up your resume and adding your best skills to it.  Often times, a promotion can add $3,000 to upwards of $10,000 a year in income!

Health and Fitness Ideas:

36.  Become a Personal Trainer
The health and fitness industry is a booming!  People don’t mind paying to work out with a trainer who will work different muscle groups so their entire body is getting the full attention it needs.  You can do individual training or work with a group and make even more. Average rate for a personal trainer is around $60 an hour.  If you opt to work with 3 to 5 people at a time it would be very normal to charge $20 to $25 per person raising your hourly rate to over $100 an hour! Another great side benefit is you will be working out on a daily basis which means you will get your own workout in while you get paid!  Very nice!

37.  Food Coach
This is becoming a big business these days!  People want to lose weight, have issues with gluten, or suffer from diabetes and need to find a coach who will help them figure out what works for them. For those who suffer from celiac disease they have to work hard to figure out what they can eat and how to prevent contamination to their food.

You could start a blog where you offer insight, recipes, ideas, tips and tricks to having the best life in spite of what your body suffers from.  In time, you could offer a subscription site that would deliver recipes and other tips you learn about this specific illness.

See how this family paid off 35K of debt in just 17 months!

Are you deep in debt and don’t know where to start?  Pin the image to the left for later!

38.  Start a Boot camp for Fitness
These days, people work hard to stay in shape and keep fit.  Starting a boot camp in your neighborhood or local area would be a great side business for the right personYou could charge by the week or month, whichever works better for you.  Hour long programs work well and you might consider offering mornings and evenings each week.

Money Making for those with a Specific Skill:

39.  Start you own Music Studio
You could start small and work out of your home which allows you to keep more of your profits. Offering lessons after school will be best for school age kids.  Now, once you have more clients it might be a good idea to spread your wings and open your own physical studio.  At this point you could hire other instructors and offer more than just one instrument.  You could offer piano, guitar, drums or anything else you can play.

The average rate for a half hour lesson is $20 per student.  So, $40 an hour. As a side note, you could also offer lessons to home schooled children earlier in the day which would help to fill your schedule.  You would want to do some research and find the local home schooling coop groups.  I would contact them letting the group know what you offer.

6 Legit Ways to Make $1,000 a Month40.  Cosmetology
This would be for those who have the training to cut and color hair as well as trim beards and do personal grooming like brow and body waxing.  You can create a room in your home and work on your own terms and hours.  In time, if you are doing well and want to expand, you can open you own shop!

Online Money Making Options:

41.  Drop ship through Shopify  
Drop shipping is working with a company like Ali Express or Oberlo.  You create an account with a drop shipping company, go through their website and choose the items you would like to sell in your personal online store. When an order is placed, you don’t have to collect money, package the product or even ship it.  That is all handled by the drop shipping company.  You are the middle man!

Starting an online store has never been easier!  The Shopify platform is designed to click and go and works closely with both of these drop shipping companies. In less than an hour you can have your store designed and then take some time to decide what you want to put in your store to sell.

Click here to get a FREE trial and start your Shopify store today! 

Full disclosure, there will be an element of customer service through Shopify as well as general management of the store.  However, keep in mind that is ALL done through your computer!  So, if you have internet connection and a good laptop – you have everything you need to get started!

Click here to see my husbands Shopify Store!

42.  Start an Amazon Store
This has become popular for stay at home moms and dads.  I have never had an Amazon store so this is not my expertise however I have provided links for you to take a look at frequently asked questions as well as a link to getting started with your Amazon store. The good news is you would be hooked up with one of the largest “brand names” in the world!  Amazon is visited by hundreds of millions of people every day worldwide. Amazon is well known for making things easy so I have no doubt this would be the same.  It does cost to start an Amazon store and you’ll be able to see all of that info on the links just below.

Click here to get more information and to actually get started.



43.  Start an Amazon book business
I actually did this for a while!  It take some effort on your part but you can make money doing it.  You would need to have access to lots of books in order to succeed in making money.  There are often regular books sales in cities all over that would be open to the public.  When I was working this as a side business you had to purchase a scanner but now you can use your smart phone as your scanner. You will need to load an appropriate app in order to be ready for scanning.

It has been a while since I did this but I made about $350 a month for the time I did it.

44.  Start a T-shirt business with Amazon Merch
Amazon Merch is a platform by which you can create a t-shirt business.  Create and upload your T-shirt designs to your store and when someone buys your t shirt, Amazon will print it on demand.  They collect money, they pack and ship and then they pay you your cut!  It is a great platform for a person who TRULY wants to work from home!

45.  Work for LiveOps
This is a phone job where you will work as a customer service representative taking calls for phone in orders.  You make more money when you are able to up-sell to the next level item or product.  You would need a computer and a designated phone line for this type of work.  You can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. It would be great for a college student or a mom who would need flexibility in their schedule. I actually did this for about 6 months and made around $400 to $500 a month. You can read more and apply here.

6 Money Saving Hacks to Pad Your Pocket with $11,000 in a Year46.  Fiverr Business
Working with Fiverr would be a super simple start up for anyone who has a skill that relates to computers, online work, graphic design, branding, logos, etc.

I have used Fiverr for several things that have turned out great!  I would highly recommend considering Fiverr as a side gig for anyone who needs extra money.

Fiverr offers everything from writing, translation, graphic and design work, animation, digital marketing, music, business services and more!  If you have a skill, you could probably offer it on Fiverr. To read more or to get your Fiverr business started click here!

Money Making Ideas for those who are Creative:

47.  Write and Publish an eBook
If you have always had a dream to be a writer, there has never been a better time to just do it!  You can self-publish and sell your book on Amazon! It is easy to upload and will be live on their site within 48 hours!  Fiverr can create a front and back cover for you making it look really nice. You can take a look at 2 of my husbands books on Amazon here.

48.  Learn Calligraphy and start your own business
Take a calligraphy class locally and then practice!  Some people just have a knack and wouldn’t even need a class.  If that is you then it is time to get started on your business! If this is something I was considering I would start by connecting with wedding planners, event planners, venues, and of course friends and family.  Landing a wedding will get your name out quickly and to hundreds of people!  You could charge by the invitation or by the job

49.  Sell Photography
If you love taking pictures then this is your gig!  Taking pictures and putting them online has become a great way to earn side money.  Fotolia, Alamy, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto are just a few places that will pay you for your photos!  Everything and anything will sell.  People, landscape, flowers, parties, beaches, butterflies – anything!

50.  Start an Etsy Store
Have you ever been on Etsy?  It is crazy how many things you can find there!  If you are crafty and want to sell your stuff from your own store, Etsy is the place for you.  Or if you just want to sell items you have access to like jewelry, wedding stuff, toys, art, vintage items, and many more, then this would definitely be the place for you.

Starting your own store is fairly simple and you could easily market your store to family, friends and through your social media outlets.

 Dirty Jobs – but someone makes money doing them!

51.  Scoop Poop
In many metropolitan areas a fine is imposed if you are caught leaving your dogs waste in a public area.  So, most pet owners are pretty good about this when walking their animal in a park or other public space. However, what about people’s back yards?  I mean, I live on an acre and we have a German shepherd. You get where I am going with this.  It could be a great job for a college student or someone just needing a side gig on the weekends for extra money.

10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog52.  Wash Windows
No, I am not talking about being a “high rise” window washer!  I am recommending washing windows for businesses and homes. I have always done this myself, however, just in the last few weeks I have decided that I am done!  It is a lot of work and I am willing to pay someone to do it for me.  Trust me when I say that you WILL be able to find customers.

Charge by the window or by the job.  Make sure you count the windows in the home before you charge by the job though.

53.  Clean out and organize garages
This is a job most really don’t enjoy.   Offering to clean out and organize someone garage will be a relief to many and will get something off their plate that has been nagging them for a long time.

I would have them take a quick look around and see if there are items that they know they want to throw away. This could be a 5 or 10 minute “look and see” kind of thing.  Ask them if there is a specific place that they want one or two items, or a group of items, so you are sure to put specific things where they want them. Ask if there is anything else you should know before getting started and get after it!

As a word of caution, I would not quote a price without first looking at the garage! Depending on how cluttered or stock piled it is will depend on what you would want to charge.

54.  Car Detailing
I am shocked what people will pay to have their car detailed – and fairly often too. Setting up a car detailing business could be a great way to make side money OR could become a full time business.  Remote car detailing is also a great option!  People love the idea of someone coming to their job and detailing their car while they work.  It saves them time and that is a huge benefit for many!

Seasonal side jobs:

55.  Christmas decorating
Offer to come into people’s home and decorate their Christmas tree, stairwell, mantle or any room of the house they choose.  You need to be a great decorator and have a knack for details but if this is something you love to do at your house then getting paid for someone else’s house would be even better!

I have a friend who does this and puts together beautiful trees and rooms in the home.  She makes good money doing it too!

56.  Chocolate dipped strawberries
People love to give great gifts at Mother’s day and Valentine ’s Day.  Why not start a small chocolate dipped strawberry business.  It would generally be seasonal but could really rack up the dollars if you get organized and have a group you could market to. I have a longtime friend who does this for Valentines and Mother’s Day.  She enlists her husband to help her and even offers delivery if you choose. She mostly markets to our church and her job.   One year, she dipped over 600 strawberries in her business.

57.  Work as extra help in retail during the holidays
Retails stores generally hire seasonal help to be ready for the holiday shopping rush.  This might be a good way to earn extra money for a short period of time.  It’s a win win for both you and the store and it isn’t long term. You know that you will work hard and be busy for 6 weeks or so, make the money you need and be done once the holiday is over.

58.  Become a Life Guard
Although life guarding would mostly be for summer time, you could also apply at indoor pools and it could become a side job year round. We live in an area where there are several indoor pools in our metropolitan area.  There are always birthday parties and events at these pools where a lifeguard is required. Rates vary between $10 and $16 an hour.  In most states you can become a lifeguard as young as 16 so this would also benefit a high school student during the summer.  

Ways for College Students to Make Money:

59.  Valet
This is a super easy side gig for college students!  It can be consistent work and often times you can pick the days you are able to work.  Typically it will be at night or on the weekends so it will easily fit around your school schedule and the tips are usually good. Some restaurants, hospitals and others large places like malls offer valet all the time as a consistent job.  Another option would be working on and off for a large sports arena or convention center in your area.  Valet would be offered for concerts and events held at the venue.

Make money as a proofreader from home60.  Sell your notes from class
College students generally are not required to be in class every day.  So if they miss a few classes and need notes to stay caught up then you have a small side gig you can use to make extra money.  Let classmates know at the start of the semester that you a great note taker and will have your notes available if someone needs them.

61.  Sell your textbooks
This is done all the time and works!  College textbooks are insanely priced and are usually in great shape long after the class is over. Some universities will buy the book back from you at a reduced rate or you might do better just selling it to Amazon or to a student who is taking the class after you.

62.  House Sitting
Although we live in a world that is full of alarm systems and cameras, when people leave town, sometimes they still want a human in their home while they are gone.  This would be a great side gig for a college student looking for extra money. How much you can earn will vary widely but one could easily expect to earn $25 to $45 per day.  It depends on location and what would be expected while the owners are away.

63.  Referee
Be a referee for all types of little league’s, the YMCA and even work up to junior high ball games.  The pay will vary based on your experience and location.  This skill could be used all the way through college to help pay your college bill or anything else that pops up!

“No Category” Ways to make money:

64.  Work as an extra in a movie
If you are in LA or New York then you are in the perfect place this type work but don’t be discouraged if you aren’t.  Ask around on Facebook and other social media outlets for anyone – who knows someone – who could point you in the right direction for this type of work. With only 6 degrees of separation you are sure to have someone in your circle that knows someone.

65.  Rent out your house while you are on vacation with Airbnb
I have never done this but read about it all the time! I mean, you are gone, why not make money?  Renting out your home or car can be lucrative now a days.  Hotels are very costly so if you are renting out an entire house with multiple rooms, bathrooms, TV’s and full working kitchens then you might be surprised what people would pay  

Make money while you sleep:

66.  Do freelance work or teach someone how to do something on Udemy
Udemy is a website where you can teach others how to do something!  If you have a skill why not make money teaching others?  Everything from photography, computer skills, web developing and creating, design, marketing, academics, music and more!  Once the training is created you can put it on auto-pilot and let it go.  This is a great way to make money while you sleep! Attention Bloggers!

67.  Use Teachable to sell your Course
There are multiple platforms for you to offer courses you create.  We have already talked about Udemy but there is also Teachable. Teachable is a great platform that I have taken courses on.  It is easy for the user with no confusion!  I love Teachable and highly recommend it as a platform for those considering a course for their blog.

Side note:  My husband is working on his first course through Teachable!  I promise to add info as soon as it is available.

Affiliate Marketing_The complete guide68.  Get started with affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is simply one person (you) , telling someone else about a product or service and if/when that person makes a purchase, you receive a commission.  It is basically referral marketing. You refer someone to a website, and when they make a purchase, you get paid!  There are many ways you can promote products or services but my favorite is through blogging.

There are bloggers online today who earn as little as $500 a month and as much as $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing!  This definitely needs to be a consideration as a side job to make money.

If you are new to the affiliate marketing world but want to learn more I recommend this course that taught me a TON!  It is called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and is a step by step course that can be done in a few days if you are wanting to learn quickly. Michelle shows you how she makes $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing! The course walks you through everything you need to get set up and start making money.  I can promise you it won’t disappoint!

Click here to take a closer look at Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing or to enroll.

I highly recommend that you consider starting a blog in order to promote affiliate products.  It is a HUGE benefit in putting your recommendation out there.

You can learn more about starting your own money making blog here. 

Sell things to make money:

69.  Kids clothes that don’t fit anymore
Go through your kids clothes and collect what doesn’t fit or they don’t wear anymore.  I have sold a lot of clothes on eBay!  If it is a nice dress you could sell it by itself. However, if you have a grouping of clothes you might consider selling it all together.

Always put sizes and specific measurements in your listing to be sure the buyer has all of the information they need to make a decision.  Be honest in your listing and ship quickly so you keep a good reputation and get good feedback scores.

70.  Sell your old DVD’s, CD’s, and electronics
Gazelle will buy these items from you online!  All you do is click on the image below and follow the prompts.  It ships to them for FREE and they pay you via Amazon gift card, PayPal or a paper check.  You can also go to a kiosk to sell your item and they pay you instantly!

71.  Home Décor
For larger home décor I recommend Craigslist.  Shipping large wall hanginsg or a table and chairs isn’t easy so I tend to stay away from eBay for these type items.  Be sure to have good pictures and a great description. I have used Craigslist multiple times and it works!  We once sold a truck in 12 hours!

Side note:  NEVER meet with someone from Craigslist by yourself!  Always go with someone and make sure you are in a public place.

Ways to Make Money with a Car:

My Pinterest Journey_How I Grew my Monthly Viewers From 85 to 35K in one month72.  Rent out your car when you’re out of town
Turo.com will allow you to list your car on their website!  You can list it for a week or two or even more often if that is an option for your situation.  They advertise that you can earn about $1,000 a month.  So, approximately $250 for a week – depending on what type of car you have and the demand.

This could be a consideration for when you are on vacation OR if you need cash and can cripple by with one car in your family for a couple of weeks.  It would be easy money and could help with bills or other needs that are pressing.

73.  Deliver Groceries
There are several companies you could get started with.  Instacart serves 44 states in the US and is still growing.  You could also look at Shipt and Peapod.  Peapod serves 24 states (as of April of 2018).

Grocery deliver is becoming more prevalent as people are busier than ever.  I felt this needed to be on the list since it can be worked into a busy schedule or around children.  All of these are very similar in how they operate and can be worked around the important things in your life.

74.  Driving for Uber
Uber is a company that hires people in many cities around the country to pick up anyone who needs a ride, for any reason, at any place and take them where they need to go. There are a few basic requirements like – you must be “old enough” to drive legally, have been driving for at least a year, have a valid US driver’s license and have an approved 4 door vehicle. If your in a country other than the United States, you will need to check specific requirements for the country that you are located.

You can work when you want, and as often as you prefer.  You can take the jobs that will work for your schedule or let them pass you by.

75.  Deliver packages with Amazon Flex
If you don’t like the idea of driving a stranger around in your car (which I understand) then you might like this idea.

75 Ways to Make Money WIthout Going to WorkAmazon Flex is where you deliver packages to those who have placed orders through Amazon.  You make $18 to $25 an hour and can pre-set your schedule to work when you want to. It can be worked around another job or when it fits into your life.

The down side is they are only in a little over 50 cities in the US currently

That finally completes this post!  Whew!  That was a LOT of information!  I hope it helps you in your journey towards ditching your day job. I would love for you to leave comments on how this helped you below. I also invite you to follow me on PInterest here AND be sure to pin the image to the right here to one of your boards on Pinterest!

Good luck in your journey to working from home!  It IS possible for you earn money from home. It is about determination and finding what works best for you and your family.  I plan to add ideas as I come across them so if you have done something that has worked for you please share here.  And if these ideas helped you start something new from home share that as well!  It is always motivating for others who haven’t stepped out just yet.