How teachers can make money without a traditional jobAre you a teacher who desperately wants to ditch your day job?

You aren’t alone!  Studies show that millions of teachers worldwide don’t like their job and would love to quit.

The statistics are staggering, take a look:

  • Studies show that nearly 50% of teachers leave the professions in less than 5 years.
  • In 2006, 8% of teachers did not feel their job was secure and that number has grown to 34% in the last decade.
  • In 2009, 59% of teachers were dissatisfied with their job compared to only 44% being satisfied today.
  • 65% of teachers say that the salary they receive is NOT fair for the amount of work they do.

Generally speaking, many teachers are not happy in their current job situation and are looking for a way out!

I have hope!  If you have a degree and are looking for a way to get out of the classroom, then stay with me.

VIPKid is a great place for you to make a shift from your current soul sucking job – into working from home.  You will be teaching children from China how to speak English.

WAIT!  In case your worried about not speaking another language…

You DO NOT have to speak another language and all the coursework is prepared for you! 

Have I peaked your interested?

Keep reading to have all your questions answered.

Keep in mind I have not worked for this company.  I do not have a degree so I am not eligible.  However, I have done tons of research and love what I have read so far!

VIPKid might be a perfect fit if you…

  1. Are sick and tired of the classroom.
  2. Are tired of dealing with parents who think their kid is perfect.
  3. Struggle with knowing you get paid peanuts for the hours you put in.
  4. Live for the weekends and hate Sunday nights.
  5. Lastly, you are generally ready to find something new from home to do – BUT you don’t want to start a new business from the ground up or sell things on eBay.

If any of this sounds a little bit like you then VIPKid just might be your answer.

VIPKid is a turn key “work from home job” that is specifically designed for trained teachers.

You don’t have create a business.  You don’t have to find your students.  You don’t have to deal with 25 kids per class and you work on YOUR terms!

Still curious?

Let’s answer you questions…

Make money as a proofreader from homeWhat is VIPKid?

It’s an ESL teaching program where you teach English to children in China.  Their headquarters are in Beijing and you teach through the VIPKid portal.  It’s a lot like skype but directly through the platform they provide.

What are the requirements for landing a job with VIPKid?

You need a college degree and one year of in classroom teaching experience.

What do you do as teacher for VIPKid?

You will work one on one with children from the ages of 4 to 12 who are living in China.  You are never in a class room full of kids!  It’s always a one to one ratio.  It’s low stress and some teachers even say it is fun watching the students learn and achieve!

Are there ever any behavior issues since there is only one child?

Not like there would be in a traditional classroom full of 25 kids.  Based on all of my research you don’t typically see behavior issues on a grand scale.  You’ll have the occasional child who struggles to focus or gets distracted but typically, the students are eager to learn what you are teaching them.

Do you have to know another language other than English in order to qualify?

NO!  The curriculum they provide will guide you right through each lesson step by step.  You only have to know English to be eligible.

How much can you make with VIPKid?

They pay between $7 and $9 for a 25-minute class with a $2 bonus per class if you reach at least 45 classes for the month.  So, in reality you should be making between $18 and $22 an hour in you are reaching for that 45 classes in a month option.

How do I get paid?

VIPKid pays you via direct deposit each month for the work done in the month prior.  It’s as simple as it is when working for a tradition school as far as payment goes.  You teach your classes and are paid monthly.

How are taxes handled?

In this case you are considered a contract employee.  So, when tax season comes around you will receive a 1099 from VIPKid.  They don’t withhold any taxes for you so you’ll need to beware of this and be sure to take out money each month for paying taxes later.

I suggest setting up a separate savings account for this and just deposit tax money into it each month.  You will need to talk with your tax professional to figure out what percentage of your checks you should put back and if quarterly tax will be necessary.  It will vary from person to person depending on what your household income is.

Do I sign a yearly contract like a do with a traditional school?

Not a yearly contract – but a contract that lasts for 6 months.  You are welcome to sign again after your contract has ended but at that time you are free to quit if you choose to do so.

Curious about what kind of technology you’ll need?  I was too.

  1. Good computer with high speed internet connection
  2. Webcam
  3. Browsers recommended are Chrome or Firefox (click the names of each to get the FREE download)
  4. Headset (this is not required as you can use your computers microphone, however the sound will be better if you get a good headset)

What would an interview look like?

It’s all done by phone with someone from VIPKid.  It would look like a traditional interview as they look into your experience, qualifications and education.

Once you get past that interview you would then begin to prepare for the next round where you actually teach a “mock” lesson for a VIPKid teacher mentor.  You will be provided training materials and a lesson to work with before this round of interviewing.

With the time difference, is it hard to set up live classes?

This is the one thing that I found in conversations across the board.  Most people do talk about the time difference and how hard it can be to get classes that aren’t in the middle of the night for the teacher.

Working very early in the morning seems to work well for many teachers as well as working late at night.  I suggest going through the interview process and once you are hired on, you can spend your first six months as a trial and error period – finding the best times that work for you and your family’s routine and schedule.

Are you required to do “lesson plans” for each student?

NO!!!  That is the one of the great benefits of teaching with this company.  They provide all of the materials you’ll need for each student.

There is a structure they use and as with any job, it takes a bit of time to do things the way the company wants them done.  Once you learn that “game plan” all you have to do is go through the lessons provided to you by VIPKid for each student.  It will be based on where they are at in their learning experience.

Are students automatically sent to you?

Not exactly. There is a website that parents have access to and inside the parent portal they can read about you.

You are encouraged to make a 15 second video introducing yourself to the those watching.

You are also encouraged to add a bio of yourself so parents can read all about your accomplishments and education.

Something I really liked reading about was how teachers could use all kind of props and extra materials to make learning fun for each student.  This isn’t required but it might go a long way in getting great ratings from parents AND keeping your schedule full.

Is there down side to working with VIPKid?

As with anything, you’ll always find something negative about almost everything.  However, there isn’t much.

Most teachers report that it is a low stress job with very little prep work.  That alone seems to be a huge plus in comparison to a traditional teaching job.

Many teachers talked about how fun it was to see students’ progress in learning another language – and ultimately seeing those students feel proud of themselves.

Additionally, many teachers report that they hours are MUCH better than a traditional teaching job.  This gives them time for taking care of their families but still able to earn an income.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at VIPKid click here to apply OR just take a look!


Let’s close this out –

If you are a teacher and you are seriously sick and tired of what you do each day then VIPKid needs to be a consideration.

75 easy ways to make moneyThere is no reason for you to keep working in a job you HATE where you feel under the gun and unappreciated.  There are options for you within a world you are already familiar.

If teaching with one student at a time from the comfort of home on your schedule sounds appealing then click here to apply.

Still not ready – click here to simply take a look at additional questions you might have.

Looking is free. It might lead to nothing.  However, it might allow you to let go of that job you are sick of.

Good luck in your quest to find work that matters!  I am always pulling for you and am daily working to find ways to get you home, get out of debt, and live an incredible life full of financial independence.

As always, I am forever in your corner –


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