Earn money from home as a proofreaderHey everyone!  I wanted to continue on the same track as last week’s post and offer you a work from home option that is in HIGH demand!

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If you are a mom who is sick and tired of your soul sucking job, OR you need to make money from home, hang around, because this post is just for you. Get a cup of coffee or a sweet tea and let’s get to it.

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Let me introduce you to a new acquaintance, Caitlin Pyle.  I recently had the privilege of interviewing Caitlin and I think you will be surprised by her success.

Caitlin is a proofreader.  Yep, you read that right, she gets paid to read!  She is the one who makes sure everything in your flyer, website, emails (and the list goes on) reads the way it should.

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She began proofreading way back in 2007 while in college.  It became something she enjoyed and was good at.  Finally, in 2012 she turned it into a full time business and now teaches others how to do the exact same thing from HOME!

I hope you enjoy this interview with my new connection, Caitlin!

CMM:   Hi Caitlin, thanks a million for joining me today!  Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself, how you got started with the online world, and what led you to where you are today?

My passion for proofreading started when I studied abroad in Germany for a year in college and would help students proofread their college essays. I loved using my grammar talent to catch errors and help others turn their writing into masterpieces.

I took my general proofreading skills to the next level when I got into proofreading transcripts for court reporters back in 2012. I was so good at spotting errors that I became known as “Eagle Eyes.” In fact, proofreading transcripts became my primary source of income in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Because I was so passionate about proofreading, I started ProofreadAnywhere.com as a blog back in 2014, and it’s exploded since then. I wanted to share my passion for proofreading with you—so you can grow your own freelance business as I did.

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CMM:  I love your story!  You found something you were good at and turned it into a very successful business.  So, would someone need a degree in order to become a proofreader? If not, what type of skills would be beneficial in order to be successful?  

You do NOT need a college degree to become a proofreader. All you need is a pair of eagle eyes, the drive to work hard, a willingness to learn and market your business, and the proper training under your belt.

CMM:  I want to quickly let my readers know that you DO have an in depth training available for those who are interested.  Click here for the course that could change your life by allowing you to work from HOME!

75 Ways to Make Money WIthout Going to WorkCMM:  I am curious as to what types of businesses or organizations are looking for proofreaders?  

Anything that is put into print needs proofreading, so you can find jobs in almost every industry. Potential clients can include self-published authors, bloggers, online course content creators, colleges, and the healthcare industry.

CMM:   WOW!  When you think about how much is in print today there are a lot of industries who could use this type of service.  Is there a demand for proofreaders or is this market already saturated?

There is absolutely a demand! The great thing about being a general proofreader is that there are many markets (beyond what I have listed here) where you can find work. NONE of these markets are over-saturated with quality proofreaders.

CMM:  This is exciting!  So, the big question is this…  What kind of money can a proofreader expect to make?  

Your income depends solely on you. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. The more you know your craft and the harder you work at marketing and providing excellence, the more money you’ll make. There is always an upper limit to how much you can earn when you exchange your time for money, but investing in improving your speed, skill, and efficiency will push that limit.

CMM:  How long would it take for a proofreader to get their business up and running?

On average, my General Proofreading course takes about one month to complete, so I would say around two months total to get their business set up. It is not recommended that you rush through the course just to get clients and make money right away. Pace yourself so you can learn as much from the course as possible. The effort you put into it will reflect in the standard of proofreading you provide after you graduate. While I give you the tools to succeed, it’s up to you to put in the quality work which will help you get and retain clients in the future!

CMM:  Good money, work from home and own your own business. It doesn’t get any better than that! Where do you suggest someone start if they have an interest in this type of business? Do you offer a course for getting started?  

I offer a free webinar for prospective students to watch and decide whether proofreading might be the right fit for them.
To sign up for the free webinar, click here. 

If you are ready to GO then click here to take a look at the course and get started! 

Let’s close this out:

So there you have it!  Another online option for a mom who desires to ditch her day job.

My question for you would be, what are waiting on?  Time will pass by and what you choose to do with it is totally up to you.

I encourage you to read my post that talks about excuses.  Often times, excuses are the ONLY thing standing in the way of your dream.  Don’t let another day pass by without re-designing your life.

As always, I am forever in your corner!


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