How to afford being a stay at home momFor some, they have only dreamed of being a stay at home mom.  For others, you are able to stay home, but with that dream fulfilled came a price – no income.

I get it.  I have worked full time (before kids) and was able to stay home full time after kids (for 7 years) then went back part time (for 8 years) and now am able to work completely from home!  I have walked quite a few roads in my work life.  So, when I say I understand, I really do.

My favorite job far – working from home!  Being able to design a life around what is most important to me – yet still making money is truly the best of both worlds!

I get a feeling you want that too.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

Super interested in this post but don’t have time to read it now – just PIN IT! 

DO NOT DISMAY!  There is hope and we are going to get into that with this post!

First, who is this post for?

This post is designed for this group of people:

  • Moms who are already at home and need income
  • Moms who work but have a strong desire to ditch their job and make money from home
  • Moms who are willing to do whatever it takes to make the “work from home” thing a reality
  • Moms who are home OR work full time but have so much debt they are struggling to figure out how to make “getting home” or “staying home” a reality.

I am convinced that most moms keep working without ever really taking a close look at IF letting their job go could actually be a possibility.

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET HOME – take a close look at the following ideas and steps.  They WORK – as long as you DO the work!

Let’s get started…

Best Ways for stay at home moms to make moneyYou MUST get your ducks in a row!

Most people can’t just quit their job.  I wish it was possible and if it is – do it!  If not, you have some work to do in advance to make sure you are ready to live on one income for a while.  The good news is, if you go through these steps and get things organized then you will be able to live your dream of being a stay at home mom!  Trust me – it is worth it!

So, get a piece of paper out start taking notes.  Jot down things you need to do as we go through this list.  This will only work if YOU do the work!  🙂

First, get on a budget!

I know you hate the word budget but hear me out.  Without a set plan, there is little chance of you getting home to your kids.

You must know what you make, how much debt you have, and set up a plan to reach your goal of getting home.

1) You need to know how much you actually bring in each month.  This would be the total income from all avenues in your household.  2) You need to know what debts you have and how much you owe for each.

Once you have this, I recommend going to this link to find multiple forms that my favorite financial coach, Dave Ramsey, has put together for you.

The two you should probably take a look at are the Monthly Cash Flow or the Quick Start Budget.  Either will help you get on track with your money.

As a small side note – I have worked with couples who are trying to figure their budget out and often times, you will be surprised how much money you will find once you get organized!  Typically, you end up having extra and just didn’t realize you were over-spending.  So, don’t fear this step!  This will get our off on the right foot and a step closer to your dream of getting home.

Second, lower or eliminate bills.
Potential savings:  $500 a month

I want you to really think about this one!  How much are you forking over for cable or satellite?  Subscriptions?  Gym memberships?  Music memberships?  Apps? And the list can go on.

Take a hard look at these categories and begin to pick what you could start lowering, or even better, eliminating.

Here is an example:  My husband and I totally cut our cable service for several years when our first daughter was born.  I wanted to stay home and it mattered to me that much!  We watched network television and rented movies from Redbox for $1 for entertainment.  After a while, we didn’t miss  cable and now that our debt is gone – we have cable again!  Short term sacrifice for long term gain!

I suggest going to this post that talks specifically about lowering bills that are a must for most families.

I also recommend this post that will talk about areas you might be wasting money.

75 Ways to Make Money With NO Boss and NO Job!Third, lower your utilities.
Potential savings:  $100 a month

With a little bit of effort you can save hundreds per MONTH on water and electricity.

Think about it, drippy faucets, doors that allow too much heat or cold in, adjusting dryer settings and adjusting how we dress could all effect that monthly bill. I would much rather put that saved money towards groceries or gas – two things I can’t get rid of!

Fourth, get out of debt!
Potential savings once all debt is paid in full:  Anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 (depends on how much debt you have)

Getting out of debt is a good idea no matter your circumstance.  Typically, it takes time to accomplish this – but with effort, you can speed things up.  I have a great post on this very topic – Eight Tips for Paying off Debt Fast!

Any and all debt fall into this category.

  • School loans
  • Credit cards
  • Car payments

Getting rid of debt changed our lives and has allowed us many freedoms we didn’t have before.  You can read about that here.

Earn money from home as a proofreaderIf you have no idea how or where to start with debt reduction – I recommend starting with Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. You can find that here.  I don’t make a thing for recommending him but I feel so strongly about his methods that I think you should take a look at his programs.

Here is the debt snowball method. It is how we paid off $65K of debt is just 17 months!  It will absolutely revolutionize the way you look at and handle money.

If you think you are happy now – trust me when I say I have lived on both sides of debt and it is SO much MORE fun with NO payments!

If you are serious about going debt free here is the book I read and applied.  It is written by Dave Ramsey and is THE single reason I GET to live the life I live now!

Fifth, stop going out to eat!
Potential savings:  $320 a month

Okay, I know you are irritated now but stay with me!  Eating out at restaurants accounts for HUNDREDS, and in some cases thousands per month.

Let’s break it down for you. If you and your family go out to eat two times each week at $40 each visit then you have spent $80 weekly and $320 per month.  A MONTH!  The yearly total on that is $3,840!  That is a vacation for your entire family!

Think on this – That money could be re-directed to groceries, debt reduction, gas and whole host of other non-negotiables in your financial life.

Eating out is optional – not required!  If you really want to get home to your kids then you’ll be willing to let go of anything that isn’t absolutely necessary!


Let’s pause for a minute – up to this point you have saved a minimum of $1,000 per month!  Now, it’s time to add income to your home with a side hustle.  Side hustles can amount to tens of thousands each year and could eventually be your main source of income.  Let’s keep going….

Sixth, start thinking about a side hustle

I am BIG on this one!  There are SO many options for making money from home.

Do not allow your mind to tell you that it isn’t possible.  Your brain will work overtime to talk you out of things you haven’t done before.  Take control of your thoughts and get busy planning!  STOP making excuses!  Excuses will rob you of your future!  They take away what is possible in your life and replace dreams with doubt, fear and unbelief.

To help you out with your side hustle – I am going to recommend several posts that will give you TONS of ideas for working from home:

I also have this post with professional job ideas for moms who want to begin a career from home (no college or experience necessary). It also includes a BONUS work idea for moms who aren’t necessarily looking for something professional.  Hint hint – it isn’t glamorous but it it is HIGH demand!

Lastly, I always suggest moms consider a blog!  Everyone has something they are good at, love to do or are always talking about. It is time to share it with the world!  You have a gift and it is time to share it with others.

Have no idea what to blog about?  I totally get that! Just below you can get my freebie that will help you decide on a topic.

Seventh, write your goals down

Now that you have all of your ducks in a row it is time to get busy planning – on paper!   Not writing down your goals is as good as never achieving them.

I suggest starting with these things on your goals sheet:

  • When do you want to quit our job?
  • What will your side hustle be?
  • When do you plan to start your side hustle?
  • When will you have your first budget on paper and started?
  • When do you want to have your debts paid in full?

Just writing things down makes your mind start to believe it.

Finally, believe!

We tend to DO what we BELIEVE we CAN do.  We move in the direction of our belief.

If you believe you can get out of debt, you’ll do it.

If you believe you can quit your job with a plan and effort, you’ll do it.

If you believe that you can make money from home, you’ll do it.

When you stop making excuses and start believing that YOU CAN – you’ll start working overtime to make it happen.


Let’s close this out –

Look, I have probably been in the same place you are.  I have worked and wanted to quit.  I have stayed home and needed money.  I have felt unappreciated by my boss and felt trapped. Sound familiar?

You are where you are today – but you don’t have to be there tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.  DECIDE you want to be a mom first then begin to make choices that will make that become a reality.

Will it be easy?  Probably not.  Nothing in life that is worth having will be easy to achieve.  Most things take planning, effort and sacrifice.  However, I have never achieved something that in the end wasn’t worth the effort.

If you want it badly enough – you will find a way.

Twelve months will pass by regardless of what you do.  Time can either by your friend or your enemy.

Make time the vehicle to your greatest destination!

Believing in you every single day!


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